4 Valuable Email Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Online Dating

Nov 25, 2021
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If you prefer to keep your dating life separate from your career, your work might be missing out on some surprisingly good insights. The world of online dating can be more challenging to navigate than an email marketing campaign. It takes some combination of skill and luck to truly succeed at both. While the luck part is out of your hands, here are a few lessons from online dating to incorporate into your email marketing strategies.

In the same way that active participation is key to a successful relationship, continuous engagement is crucial in marketing. Many dating apps realize that customer activation is key to their marketing strategy. Apps must help customers realize and reap the benefits of using their service to keep them engaged. Otherwise, new users are unlikely to subscribe to premium features. In some cases, users might even delete the app unless they are constantly engaged. 

Email marketing is a great way to boost customer activation and frequently engage users. A good email marketing strategy can help users realize the full potential of the app and pay to unlock more features, or at the very least, remain a customer. 

If you want to leverage lessons from online dating to improve your email marketing strategy, here are a few to consider. 


Show Users Affection Through Personalized Emails 

You don’t have to love bomb your users, but show them that you remember the little things about them. In the same way that there’s nothing worse than a date who can’t even remember your name, companies who don’t personalize emails are putting in no effort into their relationship with their customers. Your users deserve better than that.

Personalized emails can help your users feel valued and seen. Instead of doing the bare minimum and referring to users by their first name, exceed their expectation. Hold your user’s hand through their matches and potential dates by including those profiles in your emails. Seeing their matches in your email urges the user to open your app and check these matches out for themselves. This promotes constant engagement and increases the chances of the customer returning to your app. 


Make It Easy For Users To Make The First Move

Skip the mixed signals and let users know that you want them to make the first move by optimizing your call to action. The more flirty glances you throw their way in the form of CTAs, the more likely the user is to click at least one of them. 

To make it easier for your customers, lovingly guide them to your app with links to each match. By simply clicking the link, it should automatically open your app and that particular profile they matched with. “If you want to push action through email marketing, ensure a good portion of the email is linked back to your site or app,” advises Sara Wallace, a marketing manager at Best essay writing services. “When the customer clicks on your logo, a name, or a picture of a match, they should be redirected back to you.” 


Reassure Users That You’re Interested In Them Through Frequent Emails 

There’s no point in playing coy. You’re really into your users, and they should know it. Sending frequent emails not only reassures your users that you care, but it keeps them consistently engaged with your app. 

As long as you continue to offer value through your emails such as updating them about their latest matches or notifying them when they receive a message, your users are not likely to get annoyed. Moreover, you can use email marketing to help users see why you belong together by drawing their attention to your best qualities. Send users emails that encourage them to explore a certain feature of your app. This enables them to use the app to its fullest potential and enhances their dating experience. 


Woo Users With Small Romantic Gestures 

Rom-coms are filled with grand romantic gestures, but small, consistent gestures over time can just as easily make someone fall for you. To show your customers how committed you are to your relationship, never stop getting to know them better. Observe how they respond to small changes in your email marketing strategies to determine their preference. This constant dedication to improvement demonstrates to users that you’re devoted to improving their experience. 



The world of online dating offers some surprisingly valuable lessons for email marketers and dating app developers. Instead of playing hard to get, it’s important to passionately pursue your customers and make them feel cherished. 


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Christina Lee is a marketing strategist and a business writer . She enjoys writing about creative solutions to challenging and complex matters such as tech, marketing and data.

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