Benefits of Newsletters for Dating Websites

Jun 8, 2021
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Are email newsletters useful for dating websites?
The answer to this question is simple: yes.

Just think about it: everybody uses emails these days. It’s a familiar, quick, and direct way for websites to communicate with subscribers. There’s no commitment, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Seriously, there are no downsides to this.

Take eCommerce websites as an example. They have been using newsletters since forever, and many online customers prefer to be contacted via emails. That’s why newsletters remain one of the top revenue sources for eCommerce.

But let’s take a closer look at the potential role of newsletters for dating websites. A good way to do that is to list the benefits of having a newsletter.


1. Direct Communication with Subscribers

One huge advantage of emails is that they provide a direct avenue for communicating with subscribers. This is very important, as you can provide them with quality and verified information. So, they don’t have to get it anywhere else.

This way, you can stay at the forefront of subscribers’ minds. If you share regular emails featuring useful content with them, you’ll increase the chances of being the dating website of choice when they decide to give online dating a try.

2. Personalized Communication

Trust is always a consideration in any online business. Emails can help you increase trust by personalizing communication between a potential client and a dating service.

eCommerce companies use emails for that purpose all the time. For example, this welcome email below is designed as a letter. It contains a personal message from the owner along with a brief explanation of why she started the brand.

The story is quite interesting. Take a look.

You can do something similar and write a short story for your subscribers.

“Share some details about how you met your partner or what inspired you to start your dating service,” advises Melissa Mauro, a content expert from TrustMyPaper.“The options are numerous, and stories can engage more potential clients.”

Design your story to appear as a personal letter in an email. It’ll give the message that “personal” feel.

3. Give News and Updates

Emails are a great way to update your subscribers on service terms’ changes, new pricing plans, new website features, a new dating app launch, new services, you name it. It’s very convenient, and your subscribers don’t have to visit the website every time to read about a piece of news that just came out.

Interesting and engaging content is highly encouraged here. For example, your newsletters can contain success stories of couples who found love via your dating website. Content like this can greatly increase the trust and credibility of your service, which improves reputation and reviews.

Speaking of reviews, you can also add them to newsletters to increase trust. If you have customer reviews, make a campaign with them to demonstrate that people love your dating service. This could go a long way to encourage new sign-ups.

4. Drive Traffic to Blog

Does your dating website have a blog?

If your answer is yes, then consider newsletters as a way to raise awareness of its content with subscribers. It’s a must for every digital marketing project that has become a standard in online business promotion.

Megan Lloyd, a marketing director at SupremeDisserations: “Dating websites often publish dating tips, news, and other content. Driving more readers to them is a must, and emails are a perfect way to achieve that.”

You can send regular weekly or bi-weekly newsletters—it all depends on how many new blog content pieces you produce. In any way, emails can be an easy and quick way to drive traffic to the blog and have more people read your content.

5. Re-Engage Potential Clients

Some people will subscribe to newsletters, open one or two, and stop interacting with them. It’s something that happens to every site, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Or wait, there is!

The answer: subscriber re-engagement emails. They typically contain messages encouraging subscribers to return and give a service a try. Often, these messages also provide an incentive such as a plan discount, extended free trial, or something else.

This way, you can convince some passive subscribers to re-engage with your dating service.

6. Save Time

Email marketing tools automate the process of sending newsletters. You can create emails, save them, make campaigns (sequences of emails), and set the tool to send them at a specific time.

For example, you can set up a “welcome campaign” to be sent to people who just subscribed to your newsletter. On the other hand, a regular campaign could be sent weekly or bi-weekly — the choice is yours.

Whatever campaigns or frequencies you choose, email marketing tools will take many tasks off your schedule. So, you’ll have more time to attend to other projects.

7. Share Discounts and Offers

Emails are a convenient way to raise awareness of special offers for your services. You can share any marketing offers with customers directly, which might help achieve your marketing goals and engage potential clients.

eCommerce companies do it all the time. This welcome email below, for example, encourages a new subscriber to place the first order with a 15% discount.

You can try a similar strategy. It would involve giving a new subscriber a free trial, a discount, or another perk that can encourage them to become a client.

Businesses also experiment by trying different incentives in welcome emails to see what works best. You can do that, too: set up multiple versions of campaigns and add different incentives to them. Doing so with an email marketing tool is simple, and you’ll get all the necessary statistics and analytics soon.


Benefits of Email Newsletters for Dating Websites: Summary

As you can see, there are great benefits to using email newsletters for a dating website. The only thing you’re investing is your time to create emails — but the benefits can greatly outweigh them.

Hopefully, these seven points were helpful for you to decide whether you need to try this marketing method. In any way, many email marketing tools come with free plans and free trials, so you’ll be able to benefit from them without spending a dime.


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