Dating Pro Digest: Match’s Commitment Marketing Campaign; 70,000+ Tinder Photos Got Leaked; Interesting Niches — Tinder-like Styling App & Soul App

Jan 21, 2020
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Dating industry news digest for today:

  • Match’s new marketing campaign about commitment
  • 70,000 Tinder photos got dumped on a cyber-crime forum
  • Interesting niches for online dating — Tinder-like styling app and soul app.


“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” —Estée Lauder


Match’s new marketing campaign about commitment 

Match’s new marketing campaign ‘Match: Start Something Real’ intends to combat ‘dating fatigue’ by promoting successful committed people.

According to their data, 44% of single women are unhappy with the lack of commitment of people they met online.

The campaign contains several TV scenes that first looked to be sexy, but then turn out to be signs of commitment in a relationship.

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70,000 Tinder photos got dumped on a cyber-crime forum

More than 70,000 female Tinder photos and 16,000 Tinder IDs were leaked to a cyber-crime forum.

“We work hard to keep our members and their information safe,” a Tinder official spokesperson said. “We know that this work is ever-evolving for the industry as a whole, and we are constantly identifying and implementing new best practices and measures to make it more difficult for anyone to commit a violation like this.”

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Interesting niches for online dating — Tinder-like styling app and soul app

  • New styling app Mada – AI technology helps understand user’s fashion sense when they swipe on the clothes they like.
  • Soul App – first employs a mixture of personality and interest tests, then through machine learning, it generates groups of users with similar values and interests to choose from. Users don’t see any personal information of each other.

Interested in adding a similar feature to your dating site? Just hit our Experts up and we’ll discuss the integration.




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