Email Marketing Automation Case Study: How Sendinblue Made 32% Of Traffic Conversion

Jan 21, 2020
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This is a shortened version of Sendinblue’s case “Marketing Automation Case Study: How Rhinov is automating prospect follow-ups with Sendinblue


A French online interior design firm Rhinov used Sendinblue’s email marketing automation tools to scale its business to get:

  • 26% of web traffic comes from emails sent via Sendinblue
  • 32% of its conversions are generated via Sendinblue


How they did it

#1 Activating users

The first tool they used was to reactivate contacts with automated workflows.

The goal was also to save time by automating time-consuming tasks:

  • Email follow-ups with a client to come back and try their service again;
  • Importing contacts to a new list for a specific mailing.

This automation workflow consists of sending an automated email encouraging users to submit their photos and create their new interior design.

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And when contacts followed this workflow, they would receive an email to activate them and to try the service, as they didn’t try it before.


#2 Re-engaging users

This automation was used to:

  • Bring back clients who hadn’t used up their credits after 30 days
  • Bring back clients who had been inactive for some time since their last order

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Following this workflow, if a client was not active in the past 30 days, they will receive a letter with a promo code:



Implementing two said workflows automations allowed the Rhinov company to generate 26% of Rhinov’s traffic and 32% of its conversions via emails only. Increasing the efficiency of their funnel and saving a lot of time, the team wasted on doing the task manually.

Currently, they working on other automated email workflows, which will focus on activating new users and building more customer loyalty: welcome emails, birthday emails with promotional codes, reminders about abandoned shopping carts, etc.


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