Dating Pro Digest: Personal Dating Ads Are Back; Dating Apps Influence On Our Decisions; Interesting niches — Tinder For Cows And Korean Matchmaking AI

Nov 5, 2019
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Dating industry news digest for today: Personal dating ads are making a comeback; How dating apps influence our decision-making; Interesting niches for online dating — Tinder for cows and Korean matchmaking AI.


“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” —Vince Lombardi



Personal dating ads are making a comeback

A 39-year-old entrepreneur Kelly Rakowski set up a survey to find out whether people still interested in personal ads pages.

The results were impressive – “It really snowballed. At first I got a couple dozen, then all of a sudden I was getting maybe 500 submissions every two days”. After that, she launched a Kickstarter project and amassed ~$50K worth of donations for the text ads dating app.

She attributes the attention to people being hungry to find more genuine connections online. Modern-day apps function more like slot machines than matchmakers.

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How dating apps influence our decision-making

An article was published, a behavioral scientist’s perspective on dating apps.

The specialist says that dating apps create something like a paradox effect – there is an illusion of many choices but, at the same time, makes it harder to find viable options.

There is also an issue with the way our brain works – When it comes to dating decision-making, your brain will discount data when you are actively searching for your match.

In the “Your Happiness Hypothesis” study, 65% of the active online dating users found that 90% of the time they were overlooking ideal candidates because they kept using the same parameters for their searches.

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Interesting niches for online dating — Tinder for cows and Korean matchmaking AI

  • “Tinder for cows” Tudder was created as a light-hearted way to get the public thinking about modern agriculture issues, as well as encouraging farmers to make the most of developing the technology.
  • Korean startup HAII’s Chemi app uses AI voice-based algorithm to accurately predict your compatible partner


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