Increase Site Sales With Email Marketing Automation (5 Examples)

Nov 5, 2019
5 minutes to read

Every entrepreneur’s goal, in one way or another, is to increase their sales and overall revenue. One of such ways is effective communication between the site/business owner, you, and site users. There are generally two types of communication: on the site, that prevents users from leaving it and makes them keep on returning. The other type is to keep in touch when they are not on your site, it can be: emails, posts in your social networks, remarketing ads, leaflets, phone calls and etc.

And today I want to talk about the email marketing automation part of “keeping in touch” communication with your site members.

According to VentureBeat, adopting email marketing automation increases your average conversion rate by up to 77%.

So by using these 7 email marketing automation examples, you can work towards tripling your sales and retaining site users as loyal customers of your brand.

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1. Welcome emails

Why welcome messages? To make a good first impression. It’s like the very first brick of your relationship with the clients. If your first letter won’t be memorable enough, anything that follows up won’t be so either.

Not sure what to include in a welcoming letter? Here are some tips:

  • Give some free bonuses, like a coupon code or free membership trial for one or several days. Something that’s not too costly for you, but can be of real value for your customers.
  • Be personal and friendly.
  • Don’t forget about a call-to-action. There should be a button or a link that leads the customer to the desired destination – it can be your site pricing page if you want them to buy something, or it can be a profile page, so they can complete it and etc…


2. Abandoned cart emails

People abandon their carts, leave the payment unfinished, they do. It’s a common thing in the e-business. Recent surveys show that on average it’s 67.45% cart abandonment rate.

And this is when the cart abandoned emails come in, to remind your clients about things they wanted to get but didn’t, for some reason. Most cases show that this email series allows you to win back 10-15% total of abandoned orders.

  • Offer a motivator that will prompt them to complete the purchase – discounts, freebies, additional services and etc
  • Display what they wanted to buy but failed to get. It will give them a push towards the conversion as well.
  • Give them a deadline or create a scarcity.
  • Don’t forget about a call-to-action button.


3. Post-Purchase emails

Ensure that your customer is satisfied with the purchase, that he can get it right away and understands what to do with it. Following up with the customers in this way will ensure that they’ll feel your support and care, which will then lead to more subsequent purchases.

  • Offer a unique discount code for further purchase.
  • Add a social sharing button that either encourages customers to share their shopping experience with their friends.


4. Re-engagement emails

Sooner or later, people tend to lose interest. It’s not your fault, or anybody’s else, that just how people work. So from time to time, you’ll need to engage your cold users again to make them return to your site and make payments.

ReturnPath’s research shows that 45% of recipients read such emails. Which then leads them to come back and shop with you again.

These emails usually include special promotions, events or one-time discounts.

  • Give away a notable discount, freebie or a chance to participate in lottery/raffle.
  • Show your emotions with “We miss you” or “Are you not interested anymore?” and an image of a puppy with sad eyes.
  • Try to test different offers for re-engagement emails to find out one that works the best.


5. Upsell offers emails

I reckon you heard about McDonald’s upsell strategy a million time by now, but let me cite it once again:

Yeah, still impressive. That’s the power of upselling (and a little bit of cross-selling).

The key to success here is to send a relevant offer within an appropriate price range.



In conclusion, email marketing automation is a powerful tool at your disposal. With it, you will engage your users, retain them, upsell and cross-sell to them. By simply using the 5 emails above, you will see noticeable changes.

For further improvement, feel free to hire our Expert Team for marketing.

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