Banner Advertising in the Dating Industry. How Does It Work?

Apr 23, 2007
3 minutes to read

Banner advertising is a powerful method of promoting your website, even though it requires some experience.

A banner is a graphic image of a standard size such as 468×60 pixels. Some Internet “experts” may say that banners don’t work, but this is not true. Banners work very well – otherwise you wouldn’t see so many of them around. Also, banners works especially well in the dating industry where surfers are more receptive to the graphic content than on other sites.

You can create banners yourself with graphic software or hire a graphic artist. Banner effectiveness is measured in CTR – click trough rate. The higher CTR – the more traffic you receive from a banner campaign. The trick to effective banner campaign is to have a banner with a high CTR. Note that only a half-percent CTR difference can make your campaign a successor a failure.

As a rule of thumb – avoid pretty banners with your company logo and name in a dramatic font. Such banners do not generate high clicks. People don’t click your banner because they like its design. Neither will they click your banner because they are interested to learn more about your company. So,leave those things out of your banners. Fine design does not belong in banner art – it can decrease your CTR and waste your advertising money. But a properly crafted banner will make you tens of thousands dollars and more. This is how important a banner is. Do not underestimate the importance of the banner design.

A great trait of a banner campaign, usually overlooked, – is its scalability. If you ever bought PPC traffic – you know how that system works. The more traffic you want from a PPC engine – the more you have to pay for each click. So, if you bought $100 worth of traffic from a PPC and made a $200 return on it – it’s terrific, but if you want to double that deal the PPC may charge you several times more. This makes scaling unfeasible and you are stuck with very modest profits. But with a banner network you will only get a wholesale discount, not a price increase. There are virtually no limits to your profits when you know what you do with your banners.

Banner networks (also called banner exchanges) usually work better than stand-alone sites because they cover large number of websites offering you a better exposure. Better yet to use a specialty ‘dating banner exchange‘ specializing on dating websites and therefore producing a better quality traffic. A banner exchange can display your banner at no cost, in exchange for you displaying ads on your pages. But instead of displaying the ads on your site you can simply purchase banner advertising from the exchange. Banner ad inventory is usually measured in CPM – cost per thousand impressions. Avoid week networks where traffic may be contaminated with cheating and irrelevant websites. A good banner exchange such as will give you strong well-converting traffic, offer free advertising, buying and selling banner ads and more.

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