Dating Pro Digest: New Way Of Matching In Vinylly; BlueCity’s New ‘Catch’ Feature; “For Your Eyes Only” Ad Campaign; Bumble’s New Dating Guide; Dating Solution For Bald People

Dec 3, 2020
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Dating industry news digest:

  • An alternative form of finding a pair in Vinylly;
  • BlueCity introduces new ‘Catch’ feature;
  • “For your eyes only” ad campaign;
  • Bumble has released a new guide;
  • Bald.Dating is a calming solution for bald people.



An alternative form of finding a pair in Vinylly

Vinylly is a Phoenix-based app that prompts matching based on users’ musical tastes.

When registering, you do not need a phone number, email or verification through another social network, users simply log in with their Spotify account. After that, the application will match users that have similar music.

CEO Rachel Van Northwick revealed that she is very fond of music and marketing, so she was inspired to create such an application.

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BlueCity introduces new ‘Catch’ feature

BlueCity is a popular Chinese company for the LGBT community.

Recently, they introduced a new feature in their lesbian dating app LESDO.

The feature tweaks the recommendation system based on location, interests, and user engagement to effectively match them.

A new feature «Catch» has been added as well.  It asks users to answer a question from people they liked. This way users can find a person with similar interests and develop a conversation.

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“For your eyes only” ad campaign

This is the name of the new Bumble’s ad campaign.

It is associated with the coronavirus epidemic, which forced people to meet through video.

Nowadays video dating became the norm, and to promote that Bumble launched this ad.

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Bumble has released a new guide

According to Bumble, about 40% of dating app users do not know how to start a relationship, blossom it, and, even more,  2 out of 3 users feel uncomfortable on their first dates.

This led them to create Dating 101 – a guide on how to date in 2021.

There, readers will find topics on dating conversations, covid, behavior during intimacy, and many others.

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Bald.Dating is a calming solution for bald people

Bald.Dating is a dating app that is committed to helping bald or balding people find a partner.

The idea came from David Minns, who specializes in unusual dating apps. His collection includes a dating site for men with small penises, as well as an app for people with at least 20 year age gap.

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