Dating Pro Roadmap: Escort Site Niche

Jun 11, 2020
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In our regular series of articles about Dating Pro’s roadmap we’ve already talked about using AI in user search, Micropayments to get more revenue and Site Operator feature to manage all communications on your website.

And today, I want to talk to you not about a feature but a concept or a niche, if you want.

To be honest, it’s not a new or unique idea, but the one we’d like to explore – escort adult services website. We had several clients with such projects and, let me tell you, they work. I won’t dwell on ethic part of this niche, but people built it, use it and make money with it.

Below, I’ll share what a generic site like that would have:

First of all, there are usually two types of users: ones that provide all kinds of services and those who buy them.
There are no obligatory way on how the site owner and service providers share the income, but most of the time, service providers get like 70% and site admin gets other 30%.

Second, there are no landing pages, site visitors have to see what they are looking for right away. So this site sends you right to search/gallery page.

From there you can either use a complex search bar to filter all service to your liking or go straight to someone’s profile to see everything they offer.

Usually to contact or view the profile you’ve gotta register and most of the times the site offers you a free trial of 2-7 days where you can do pretty much everything. They do it like that to hook the users so they would pay for the membership after the trial ends.

Viewing users’ photo gallery is usually limited. In order to see ‘private photos’ you’ll have to either pay a small fee or buy a premium membership.

There is also a system of ranking and feedback so new users can check what other people bought or what were their experience, impressions and etc.

Sometimes. service providers are able to offer time-limited offers or service bundles in order to get more purchases.

Live streaming is also one the features that’s becoming more and more sought-after feature this days.
It works pretty much as it sounds – someone streams something and either asks money to join the video or implies to get tips during the chat. Both of the features can be combined as well too.

Another feature is to allow service providers and buyers to have 1 on 1 private chat, probably video or audio or just text. This can also be monetized and used to get additional revenue.

Additionally, people sometimes set up a affiliate program where different people or marketers send their traffic to these sites using the special links and get a part of revenue when their users buy something on these sites.
The percentage may be small but they do it through quantity and not quality.

There are actually a lot of other different, cool and crazy ideas you can add to this kind of site. like Uber integration, some restaurant delivery for romantic video calls or even selling plain tickets so you could meet your partner and etc.

The opportunities are endless, you just need to find whats’ working for you.

If you are interested in adding this feature to your dating site, contact our Expert team through our live chat.

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