Dating Pro Team: How We Help Improve the Profitability of Your Dating Business

Oct 27, 2017
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Imagine that your project is being handled by a number of people simultaneously: one team is running the promotion campaigns, another is working on the website, while the customer happiness managers regularly forget to convert the inbound leads. As a result, instead of counting profits, you’re rushing to a pharmacy to stock up on headache pills.

Profits are the main indicator of how efficient our work is. We use a complex approach to the project to ensure the highest possible benefits. With that, all management is shouldered by one and the same person: the manager is responsible for all stages of the sales pipeline, from attracting traffic to monitoring the conversion of your users into paying members.

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Redoubling profits is an endless process, just like Internet marketing: for example, you cannot just set up an advertising campaign once and dispel it from your mind. That’s why we draw upon the “Do. Analyze. Optimize” principle.

In this article, we would like to share the return-on-investment (ROI) marketing procedure we adhere to in our work. Based on this procedure, we draw up action plans and monitor the rate of profit.

Getting Started

At the start of every project, we communicate with the client. We find out their product’s market advantages and potential promotion issues. We study the business structure and inquire about the client’s expectations, as we are going to work on the same team together.

After we have talked to the client and took the plunge into their business, it’s high time to set goals and draw up an action plan. First, we audit the project, checking the following:

  • external and internal optimization of the website;
  • channels for attracting visitors;
  • website usability;
  • product advantages;
  • competitors.

Next off, we are to determine the goals. We draw up an action plan for the month, create the idea matrix for six months, and take action in accordance with the three major focus areas:

  • Increasing advertising traffic
  • Increasing search traffic
  • Increasing conversion rates

All the three focus areas are equally important; when choosing the focus of work, one should proceed from the needs revealed by the audit and fix the bottleneck that slows down the growth of profits or drains the budget.

Let’s review each of these focus areas in detail.

1. Increasing Advertising Traffic

Advertising traffic is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to attract targeted visitors to your dating website.

The job consists of:

  • setting up contextual advertising;
  • efficiency analysis;
  • optimizing advertising campaigns;
  • setting up and optimizing other advertising channels.

That’s how we put it into practice. Let’s say we find out that advertising is inefficient and needs to be optimized as soon as possible, in order to save the client’s budget and ensure a quick growth of profits.

To optimize it, we work with the semantic core, advertising budget, ads, and advertising channels.

If there have been no advertising campaigns, we set them up.

After that, we go back to the analysis and take a look at CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per thousand), bounce rate, conversion rate, and lead price to calculate ROI.

It is important to test different advertising channels and track their efficiency.

2. Increasing Search Traffic (SEO)

Search engine optimization helps bring the website to the top of search engines. It includes both internal and external optimization.

PG Dating Pro: Improving search traffic

2.1. The cornerstone of SEO promotion is the semantic core. It is the basis for drawing up a promotion plan and evaluating the efficiency of the work performed. To gather the semantic core, you can use the following tools: Google Keyword Planner, Key Collector, YandexWordstat, and Serpstat.

The semantic core is necessary for both internal and external search engine optimization.

2.2. The next step is to have a look at the website and create the pages it lacks to attract visitors. We also optimize the existing pages by adding meta descriptions and editing the SEO texts.

Do not forget about your website’s target visitors, as they are the main indicator of how useful the resource is. Complement the website with useful content, success stories, engaging features, — everything that can positively affect the behaviour of visitors.

2.3. Other domains are also likely to refer to your website. Keep in mind that not all backlinks are equally useful and draw up an external optimization plan.

Publish content-rich materials on third-party resources and search for platforms to place your links on. At the same time, remove backlinks from weak resources. This must be done in a continuous, non-stop manner.

2.4. Once again, return to the analysis. Track down technical errors; check the site position on search engines, changes in the linking mass, competitors. As a matter of fact, new errors could have emerged during the previous stages of work, or it may be high time to set new goals and plans because competitors are wakeful and restless.

3. Increasing Conversion Rates

Now that your website already has visitors, we can pay attention to the conversion rates. After all, profits are still the main result of the work, and you can redouble them by creating interesting pages, attracting attention and analyzing the on-site behaviour.

PG Dating Pro: Improving conversion rates

One way is to create special landing pages that will showcase all the advantages of a premium membership or this or that paid service and will convince the site users to make a payment.

Another way is to continuously remind users about the available paid options and the benefits they are going to enjoy once they go premium. Build the reminders into the flow so they are perceived as part of the experience.

Consider narrowing down the free options by introducing a daily limit of conversations or matches. A site member will be prompted to pay in order to overcome the limitations.


Improving the profitability requires an integrated and structural approach. We hope this article will give you a better understanding of the services that we can offer. Please share your thoughts in the comments or come to chat with us!


The main photo in this blog post is by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash.

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