Free Dating Sites: The Best Ways To Make Real Money

Jun 30, 2020
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Communication for a person is one of the most urgent needs because it is in communication that people get the opportunity to realize themselves, find like-minded people to get rid of loneliness. The modern information world has left its mark on this area of ​​human relations: now, to communicate, just go online, go to your favorite social network, or free dating site.

But not everyone can assume that through such a simple human need as finding a match, you can build a business on the Internet.

Currently, earning money with platforms of remote dating has gained quite a lot of popularity.

Earnings Algorithm Using Free Dating Sites

There are two ways to create free dating resources: ready turnkey solution or create a platform yourself or outsource it. The first difficulties begin with the promotion of the resource, attracting users, maintaining interest in the new Internet platform.

Experts recommend using advertising to attract attention to the site. There are several income opportunities.

The most popular is the installation of paid functions that open up additional opportunities for the site user. As an example, you can cite the receipt of VIP-status, paid gifts, privacy profiles.

That is, the set can be very different, and it all depends on your imagination. A dating online service allows you to earn money in other ways:

  • earnings with the links. If the advertisers are interested, they will contact you with a proposal to place an advertising link on your site;
  • earnings with advertising. Traffic attracts money! If your site is of interest to advertisers, you can make good money.

If creating a website is too time-consuming for you, you can resort to a different way of earning, namely, participating in an affiliate program. Website owners have a high income, which they are willing to share with partners on certain conditions.

The essence of the affiliate program is that the partner, advertising the resource, attracting new users, gets its percentage. To become a partner, it is not necessary to have a website.

For use, a personal page on social networks, accumulated experience, and a desire to earn money are also suitable.

By the way, the largest services, such as Badoo, also gained an audience with the help of affiliate programs.


Personal Data Correction As A Key To Success In Attracting New Users

The correct filling of personal data is a sensitive issue that owners of Internet platforms take seriously. But not all users have the ability to fill in their profiles in a way that would attract matches. However, everyone wants to find a loved one.

So if you can help the users make up good profiles, then this profile correction service can be a good way for you to earn money.

You can not only adjust profiles but go further and help users communicate with potential matches to help them find love.

Such services are in demand on international platforms where users need competent spelling of the text, as well as knowledge of a foreign languages.



How To Create A Dating Site And Make Good Money?

There are two ways to create an online service.

The first way is independent. To create an original platform, you need to make some efforts.

Everything you need is the domain and the cheapest hosting and coding skills. Fortunately, there are a lot of instructions on how to create sites on the Internet.

You need to take care of such things that will make your site special:

  • name and logo;
  • website design;
  • website functionality;
  • access from mobile devices.

The second way is to create a site on ready-made CMS. For example like Dating Pro: we offer a dating site as well as mobile apps with unique and responsive design.

Every Dating Pro package allows you to thoroughly control your site as well as entertain and monetize your site members.

To start your Free 14-day trial, click here.




Good Traffic For A Dating Site: How To Provide?

There are several ways to achieve it:

  • Social networks. One of the most obvious options is the launch of advertising posts or targeted advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). You can run ads and provide traffic right away, but you’ll have to pay for displays, conversions, clicks, etc.;
  • Advertising on sites. It includes a huge number of advertising formats. You also have to pay and monitor the CTR constantly and add inefficient sites to the blacklist;
  • Newsletters.SMS, email, instant messengers, and other channels are still popular. To make money on attracting traffic, you need to stock up on contacts yourself or purchase them;
  • Push notifications. It is a separate source of traffic. Users themselves subscribe to newsletters from certain online services and then receive ads in notifications. The cost of such advertising is less than in context, while it is very effective.

To clarify the traffic acquisition, let’s look at one of the dating business cases: Dating in Romania, the budget was $ 192.

The amount is not impressive, but with proper scaling, the owner could get good money.

For starters, the marketing manager chose an offer that paid $ 1.36 for registration. The advertiser proposed two simple landing pages: one for PCs and one for smartphones.

The owner decided to make push notifications with PPV impressions and set up sending pushes no more than once a week.

As a creative for the ad, pretty girls’ photos were chosen, and the text was made to look like a personal message from said girls.

Ads were shown to users with Android smartphones. The campaign worked for 25 days.

During this time, the owner spent $ 217, received $ 410 in the affiliate program, and the net profit was $ 192.


To Conclude

Revenues of free dating sites are high, so now new portals are being actively created. The Internet audience is growing, so profiles are created with a tremendous speed, which becomes the main reason for the increase in money income in this niche.

FAQ Section

What is Adult Dating? – You, as a partner, receive payment for registration or the sale of a PRO account. Here your task is to attract solvent men from around the world to the site. The market is full of strong competitors, which means that you have to compete not only with other partners but also with advertisers and with the sources of traffic themselves;

How to secure a good profit? – You can search for good pre-lendings for adult dating on promoted international dating sites. Just go through the banners and see which competitors use pre-lendings. Copy and upload the most attractive ones to your domains;

How much can I earn with a dating site? – Dating is a separate vertical in affiliate programs, namely, draining traffic to such resources. According to statistics, the amount of earnings on making online acquaintances does not have an upper limit. It could be $ 30,000 per month or $ 100,000 per week. It all depends on your persistence and desire to earn. Even in the absence of your dating site, you can get good money by participating in affiliate programs.

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