Get the ‘right’ domain name for your business N20

Oct 2, 2023
2 minutes to read

There are a lot of domain providers, the most popular being,,, and many others. What’s important is selecting the ‘right’ domain name that will match your business idea and be easy to remember.

Our secret tips when creating a domain name:

The shorter the domain name the better. A short name is easy to memorize and easy to type in the address bar of your browser. It should also be easy to spell. Compare the two names: ‘inlove’ and ‘worldwide-connections4u’.
If you are targeting a specific country, it makes sense to use country code top-level domains, as in .br for Brazil, .de for Germany, and so on. If your dating site is focused on several countries, the right decision might be to choose ‘neutral’ zones, such as .com and .net. Besides, now you have an opportunity to select from generic top level domain names such as .date, .dating, .sexy, .club, and so on.

It is also important that the name of your site hints at the general idea of your business. Thus, from domain names like or, you can deduce what the websites are about and who they are targeting.
For the purposes of search engine optimization (SEO), try to include keywords into the domain name of your future site – you will be able to make better use of it in promotion campaigns.


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