Dating Pro Digest: bust Match Group Inc 2 million; Taimi starts filming a reality show; Antitrust lawsuits against Google; Surprising results from a poll conducted by Kaspersky.

Aug 17, 2021
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Dating industry news digest:

  • bust Match Group Inc 2 million;
  • Taimi starts filming a reality show;
  • Antitrust lawsuits against Google;
  • Surprising results from a poll conducted by Kaspersky. bust Match Group Inc 2 million

The Supreme Court filed a civil lawsuit against Match Group Inc.

The reason was the fact that the company-owned online dating service is renewing subscriptions without the consent of customers. The accusing party insists that the terms of the renewal are not clearly spelled out and there is no window for the checkbox in the agreement of the parties, confirming that the client is familiar with this clause of the rules.

The parent company admitted no wrongdoing, however, made every effort to resolve the conflict. The satisfaction of the plaintiff’s claims amounted to $ 2 million.

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Taimi starts filming a reality show

LGBT dating app Taimi has signed a contract with Russian transvestite Katya to shoot a series without a script.

Now Taimi is casting for the selection of single people, among whom Katya will look for love. Those who are over 21 years old can apply for participation through the application’s technical support service.



Antitrust lawsuits against Google

37 states claim that the Google Play store uses monopolistic methods to increase profits.

The app is accused of buying out competitors. In response to the accusations, Google reminds that there are many applications that can be downloaded directly from developer sites.

Last year, a coalition was formed, which includes the Match Group. The purpose of the association is fairness and openness in the application market.

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Surprising results from a poll conducted by Kaspersky

In June 2021, at the request of Kaspersky, a survey was conducted around the world on applications for online dating.

As it turned out, 84% of people used and continue to use these services. 64% were satisfied with dating people they met on the sites. 53% trust dating apps and provide real personal information in their profile. 44% think online services make meetings easier.

Some people are very successful in using applications to promote on social networks, such users are 79%.

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