Relationship community app Keepler wants to guide you through your dating journey

Nov 17, 2023
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The newly released Keepler app is designed to provide users with expert advice and skills to navigate the dating landscape or confidently strengthen an existing relationship.

Keepler operates as a marketplace for trainers to grow their practice and generate income, as well as a social dating app. Within the app, users can access content, ask questions, and receive free support. While Keepler offers free membership, experts can offer courses, books, downloads, and coaching sessions for sale on the platform. The company also has future plans to introduce subscription services that will allow users to follow their chosen experts, attend events and access exclusive discounts.

Keepler experts are carefully selected based on factors such as coaching experience, professional certifications, degrees, and client reviews. To encourage participation, Keepler is offering company stock options to the first 100 experts to join the platform.

Keepler offers a unique Ask and Give feature that serves as a peer-to-peer support tool. Using this tool, participants can select topics on which they need advice, as well as topics on which they are confident they can provide advice. Topics cover various aspects of dating and relationships, including polyamory, heteroflexibility, interracial dating, long-distance relationships, political differences, religion, setting boundaries, understanding love languages, and dating children, among others. Users can participate in private one-on-one chats to receive personalized recommendations or share their own experiences by commenting on posts.

Another notable feature is the Wheel of Life, a pie chart that users can include in their profiles. This chart visually represents the areas of their lives, such as romance, career, friendships and family, in which they feel most and least satisfied.

Rachel Abramowitz, founder and CEO of Keepler, emphasizes the importance of this self-assessment tool. It encourages participants to view their lives holistically and recognize how dating and relationships are interconnected with other aspects of life. Moreover, it serves as an icebreaker, allowing users to discuss common experiences of dissatisfaction in their personal lives.

Modern dating can be an overwhelming experience, characterized by a plethora of dating app options, the difficulty of moving from virtual to in-person interactions, and the common problem of ghosting. Statistics show that ghosting, the sudden cessation of communication, is common, with two out of three people reporting that they have experienced it or done it to others.

Keepler solves these dating problems by offering support to people, whether they’re on dating apps, meeting potential partners in real life, or already in a committed relationship.

Rachel Abramowitz, founder and CEO of Keepler, highlights the profound impact of modern isolation, exacerbated by factors like the pandemic and dating apps, which have left people without access to the guidance and community support that was historically available.

Abramowitz emphasizes that dating is a skill that requires constant improvement, like any other skill, and that building and maintaining relationships is a skill that requires constant development.

Keepler introduced its beta version in June, attracting nearly 400 users, with more than 6,000 currently on the waitlist. The app is currently available on iOS devices, with an Android version in development.

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