Promote your dating site and get a steady flow of new users

We will bring daily registrations to your dating site with online advertising and social media marketing.

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This is what we do:

– reach out to your target audience, and
– attract new visitors and increase conversion


– planning and executing advertising campaigns online,
– optimising advertising campaigns,
– running contextual advertising campaigns, and
– tracking and analysing the behaviour of your visitors.

Bright future of online dating

Why choose us?


We track the real data and closely monitor the outcome of ads campaigns, fine-tuning them to achieve better results.


You receive timely reports on progress, and every campaign is run from an account that belongs to you.

Data-informed decisions

We only arrive at the decisions to change and optimise a campaign based on the analytics data.

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Calculate your return on marketing investment (ROMI)

In the left-hand block, you can indicate your monthly advertising budget, conversion into site users and paying site members, and how much you plan to earn from each customer.

In the right-hand block, you will see your calculated profit and the recommended average check along with some other important parameters.

We hope this system will help you set the right membership prices and better gauge your marketing spend.


from 500$


from 1%


from 1%


from 1$

First steps explained

Before we can start the work, please apply to become a registered dating partner with Facebook. To do that, fill out the Dating advertiser application form. The review process may take up to 30 days, that is why it’s important that you do it in advance.

After that, the work will include the following steps:

First month

1. Setting up a Google Analytics account for your dating website.
2. Setting up a Facebook Ads account.
3. Setting up a Google Ads account.
4. Setting up audience lists on Facebook, filtered by Locations+Age+Gender.
5. Setting up a campaign on Facebook.
6. Setting up a campaign on Facebook for Instagram.
7. Creating semantic maps and account structure for Google Ads.
8. Setting up Google Display Network campaign (GDN) on Google Ads by keywords.
9. Setting up search campaign on Google Ads.

This is what you will have by the end of the first month: configured analytics and ads accounts, the first set of data collected for your website.

Second month

1. Setting up remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads for all visitors who came to your site but never registered.
2. Creating a lookalike audience on Facebook and Google Ads.
3. Analysing and optimising campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads.
4. Setting up a search campaign with the competitors’ keywords on Google Ads.

This is what you will have by the end of the second month: optimised and clarified campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads. The accounts are ready for scaling.

Third month

1. Setting up campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads for a lookalike audience.
2. Collecting new keywords for GDN campaign.
3. Analysing and optimising campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads (this is a continuous process).

This is what you will have by the end of the third month: scaled and optimised promo campaigns.

Fourth month and onward

We continue working on increasing the flow of signups on your dating site.

You get improved conversion at better prices.

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“We like the professionalism of the Pilot Group team. Their dating software is the best for us, and they are very helpful with all our queries. Try Dating Pro script, you won’t regret it”

Emmanuel Okeke

 review from Intercom