Dating Pro Digest: Meet Group’s Dating Security Department; New Study Says There Are No “Not My Type”; Muzmatch Gets To 3M Members; Muddy Matches Ad Campaign On The UK TV

Jul 16, 2020
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Dating industry news digest for today:

  • Meet Group has set up a dedicated dating security department;
  • New dating study says that there are no “not my type”;
  • Muzmatch reaches 3 million members;
  • Muddy Matches ad campaign on the UK TV.



Meet Group has set up a dedicated dating security department

‘Safer Dating Advisory Board’ department will include epidemiologists who will advise on dating issues and will also help the company provide answers during a pandemic.

Team of these people will advise The Meet Group and share the latest research to help develop pandemic solutions.

The Meet Group has also partnered with UrSafe’s personal security app to help its community stay secure while holding offline meetings.

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New dating study says that there are no “not my type”

Study, conducted by specialists from the University of California, have shown that in dates there is no such thing as “not my type”.

People who believe that they have a “type” lie to themselves, according to the collected information of social psychology, lonely people “could even meet a stranger.”

Because almost everyone is looking for more general positive character traits from their love interest, but one should recognize each person better before drawing any conclusions.

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Muzmatch reaches 3 million members

The number of the Muzmatch app users has reached 3 million.

This application is intended for Muslim people who want to find a lover for marriage.

Such results of this application indicate that online dating is becoming popular among people of different religions. This is a good achievement for dating.



Muddy Matches ad campaign on the UK TV

The Muddy Matches app will be advertised through channels such as National Geographic, Discovery, Quest, Sky Cinema, MTV and Sky Sports. The company received £ 10,000 from Sky Media for advertising.

A total of £ 1 million has been distributed to 100 small organizations to help them with advertising. Advertising that takes half a minute will be broadcast throughout July on all Sky channels.

Even now, the number of users has increased by more than 30%, and the number of paying participants has increased by 17% compared to the same period that year.

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