Dating Website Business Plan

Jul 7, 2020
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The fact is that nowadays 1 in 5 relationships are created on online dating services.

Let’s take, for example, that recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Do you know what happens when a dating website turns 20? It is .. popular? … is busy and successful? All of that and more importantly, it has matured.

There is a lot you can learn from websites like They have mastered many problems over the years and have provided research insights and supported user feedback. All you have to do now is use your own experience as input on Dating Pro software to create your own dating website.

Why is a dating site a profitable business idea? Everything is simple. A dating site is exactly that niche in which you can relatively quickly promote your business so much that it starts to generate passive income.

Further, the conversion percentage – the ratio of visitors to the number of customers who performed some action on the site (ordering a service, paying for posting a profile, acquiring a database of girls or men, etc.) is very high. People go to a dating site with an already formed goal and additionally push them to something, it is almost not required.

  1. Dating site format;
  2. Create a dating site;
  3. Technical perks;
  4. Choose a hosting provider;
  5. Design a logo;
  6. SEO;
  7. Make it free or paid;
  8. Pull singles on your dating site;



First, you need to decide in which format the business idea will be implemented. What are dating sites like? Everything is limited only by the imagination of the author of the project, you.

For example, we have:

  • Classic dating sites on which absolutely anyone can post profiles;
  • Dating sites with foreigners. A project that allows switching languages ​​on the site;
  • Dating sites for not-perfect people. Not everyone has a model appearance, but everyone has an acute need for a soul mate. Giving a chance to find each other on the Internet to people who are desperate in real life is not only a way to earn money, but also a very noble cause.
  • Dating sites for people with disabilities. Another social project. By the way, it’s quite possible to get funds for its implementation at the employment center for this business idea.





If you want to create a dating website, it is best to start by choosing a dating market niche. The general dating niche is already fully exhausted with many big players and a newcomer has little chance to assert himself here. Therefore, you have more chances of success if you create a dating site that addresses a specific target group and is therefore unique in the wide-ranging market. For example for vegetarians, food allergy sufferers or smokers. There is an infinite number of potential target groups. The more specific the group is, the more you can tailor your dating website.


When creating a dating site, a unique name for your dating service on the market is very important and must, therefore, be decided with a lot of thought. In many cases, choosing a domain name is key to the success of the website. It’s not a process that should be taken lightly, although it often happens that the time frame for creating the dating website is kept fairly tight. Make up a short word and catchy name with a prominent area.




Nowadays it’s possible to create a dating site yourself without any code skills and knowledge.

The easiest option is to make the site with Dating Pro – one of the most popular content management systems. The CMS interface is simple and intuitive, anyone can handle it.

Dating Pro already has special themes for dating sites that look good both on desktop and mobile devices. You just need to fill it with content and find participants.



Choosing first-class dating software to create your own dating service depends on the desired compilation of the products offered on the market and the selection can be a lengthy process. The real value of a dating site is usually determined by the best ratio of price to performance, company awards, product flexibility, etc.





Profiles are a very important element for a dating website. For example, Dating Pro creates a separate profile for each user. So you are also represented there. If you want to create a dating website, you have to create your own user profiles and make this information visible to other members.


With Dating Pro you’ll also have a private messaging service, which is also important if you want to create a dating site. The software includes a private message system for each member, with the help of which members can exchange their private messages as they wish. At the same time, they avoid complex emails.



For example, there is this matchphone service from This is a really cool feature because where site members can either write to each other or call without having to reveal their own data.



When it comes to dating, it’s important to find just the right person. Your dating website needs an effective search function if you want to create your own dating website. The search function of Dating Pro will certainly be sufficient for this as it’s a professional search function that is compatible with a social network connection and uses the extra profile fields to filter members.



When creating your own dating site, you may need a matchmaking service. But a premium matchmaking service would mean dealing with the different needs of each customer. This service implies the use of well-designed profile questionnaires for every member. The possible candidate profile can be determined by comparing various parameters, which is considered an ideal match.




One of the most vital decisions you make when creating your dating site is when you choose the hosting provider. The wrong provider can stand in the way of the success of a dating website and cause serious damage. Quality should be used instead of low costs. 

Dating Pro, however, offers you free hosting so you don’t even need to bother about it at the beginning.




Is the logo of your dating site a meaningful symbol that conveys the information immediately? It will help your potential audience and existing page members memorize your page.




6. SEO

It is a well-known fact that the success of your online dating site results from a good search engine ranking, so it is recommended to make your new website search engine friendly. It’s free, but SEO experts can do wonders for ranking.




Once you create a dating website, you also need to decide whether you want to build a free community or a service with membership fees. This is a very important question and it will determine the level of success in many ways.

When financing your business start-up, the financial plan is also a central element in the decision of the banks or equity providers. But our digital helper also supports you in founding and accounting.

Your price must match the positioning and be competitive. As founders, we know from our own experience how difficult it is to create a good financial plan. There is no clear guide as every site is unique and you’ll just need to test it out: create offers, write invoices, and prepare the accounting. 



Choosing to create a free dating site will definitely help you build your community quickly. This method is particularly useful if you choose a small niche or local market to build your community. If you choose a small niche, you can share the site for free. This will make it much easier to attract singles. And after some time you can introduce paid service to monetize your members. 




Now comes the fun part when you see your community grow and thrive. However you design your website, you can only get started with members. Every new dating site starts from scratch.

And in order to get singles to your site, it’s possible to use a combination of Adwords, Bing Ads. Social media advertising is also a great way to increase website traffic for your dating site.

With social media ads, you can use highly targeted campaigns with tailor-made ads to people that have the highest chance of using your service.




An established dating website is as good as a machine for generating money because there will always be many singles in every age group who long for a love life or a quick kick.

Creating a dating site is initially a lot of work and also proves to be cost-intensive. However, with Dating Pro it’s much easier and cheaper

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