Dating Pro Changes We Want To Share With You

Jul 25, 2019
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Hey ​guys​ 👋

We’ve introduced a few changes and new things in Dating Pro product line.

Involved services are Expert services; new Dating Pro packages; mobile dating app (now 4 of them!); matchmaking solution and new Artificial Intelligence integrations.

Let me briefly describe the changes below. It will be worth your while, I promise:


Expert team

First of all, we’ve rearranged and separated Dating Pro Expert team’s services into three major categories:

  • Developing new individual features for your dating site – personal manager that knows every nook and cranny of your project and a discount on your first order.
  • Dating Pro Advanced package – a dating site enhanced with acquisition, retention and conversion tools to get 3 times the revenue regular dating software can give you.
  • Our experience in creating your platform from scratch – the experience we’ve gathered in the past 18 years on the dating market will be used to plan your whole project from the planning stage to scaling your business.

All customers are eligible for a 20% license discount when moving from another platform to Dating Pro and a project plan for dating site and app at the lowest price of $9

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New Dating Pro packages

Re-packaged our software and its related services to give you the most optimal and the most suitable solution to launch a profitable dating site.

The changes are substantial, so just click the button to view the new packages

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Dating app for your online dating business

Now we offer 4 types of dating apps: hybrid, native, progressive web and quickdate apps.
All apps can be used either in tandem with a website or simply with admin control panel.
Apps include paid services and memberships to monetize users and get revenue.

Check out those apps

P.S. on the page you can download a list of “Best instruments to increase the profitability of your dating service”



Matchmaking software for professional matchmakers

We’ve selected the most advantageous tools that upgrade your automation, acquisition, retention and conversion processes to reach at least 3 times conversions to payments than any matchmaking software.
To prove that we offer you a free calculation of how your revenue is going to change once you move to Dating Pro

Read more here



Trending AI integrations

AI is getting more and more widespread in all spheres of business nowadays. Dating is not an exception.
So let me present you top 4 integrations I have for you here:

1. Sift integration – Trust and safety for your users. Protect your users by blocking fake signups and keeping fraudsters and bots from signing up and damaging your reputation.
Reduce fraudulent content by up to 90% in real-time.
And reduce long review queues by 60% or more with powerful workflow automation.

2. Besedo integration – Content moderation at its best. Besedo detects and removes profiles that do not meet your safety criteria, as well as undesired content (nudity, profanity, slander).
Basedo also constantly researches and follows dating scam trends to always be on guard and protect your site.

3. Facial verification – Automate your photo moderation process. Add an automatic face verification to your registration process.
This process will help you keep your site safe from fake users and increase the engagement level on your site as your users will know that everyone is a real person.

4. Scamalytics integration – Stop scammers on your dating site. The system uses machine learning, image recognition, a shared blacklist of scammer profiles and network data to identify suspicious behavior and protect your users from a bad experience.






Okay, this is everything for today’s digest of Dating Pro changes.
Feel free to drop us a line in our live chat if you have any questions or if you want to discuss your project.
Or just go ahead and get your personal 14-day free trial here

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