Online Dating Business for buy or sale II

Aug 15, 2019
2 minutes to read

Launch sooner with an existing online dating platform


How does it work at Dating Pro?

1. A person who has a turnkey dating site for sale contacts us and provides detailed information about his/her dating business (financials, traffic, expenses lists and marketing strategies).
2. We verify the domain, license ownership, and other stuff.
3. After that, we create a promo description of the business with stats, graphs, and price.
4. We constantly update the list of options and when we find a buyer we find our his needs and offer the most convenient option.



Lot 6: Social Networking Platform

Available to download on google and apple

More information on Businessesforsale


Lot 7: Rapidly Growing B2C Social Networking App

More information on Businessesforsale



Lot 8: Dating sex and relationships website


More information on Ebay



Lot 9: Responsive Niche Website Business

More information on Ebay



Lot 10: Match-Making Dating Website

More information on Ebay



Lot 10: LGBT Dating & Matchmaking website business

More information on Ebay



List your own business or browse existing business listings at Dating Pro platform

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